Address: 13 Nhà Thờ Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 7am - 11pm


Although I have been to Runam several times, every time here is like a completely new magical experience for me. Many cafes in Hanoi resemble each other to a certain extent, but the interior, design, cutlery and even the menu of Runam stand out far from all the rest. It would be amazing if in the future, Hanoi has more cafes that will mark its fingerprint in the range of cafes in Hanoi. Runam embraces the French-inspired architecture of Hanoi villas, and features in itself some other Western touch and most importantly, a gentle Hanoi feel in the old street of Nhà Thờ. I always look forward to walk in Runam anytime when there are not too many people there, so I can indulge myself in the lovely atmosphere here, watching the life go by. When the weather is more bearable, I love sitting by the terrace, and be engulfed by the light air and vivid sounds of my dear city. 

Walking out of Runam, I always feel that my purse has been lighter than ever before, but my soul has been comforted by the fulfillment of having enjoyed good-quality foods and drinks. All the treats here are decorated in elegant blue bowls and dishes, which upheave to a higher standard the already delicious foods. Out of all the Vietnamese-influenced dishes I have tried, which I could not be more satisfied, I love Wonton Noodle Soup with Shrimp (110.000 dong) because of the clear soup and the lovely garlic aroma. If you want to dig into more Vietnamese foods, Bánh hỏi (Vietnamese rice vermicelli with pork roll) is something I would recommend if you are a fan of this traditional Vietnamese dish with well-seasoned and rich pork roll. However, should you want to try some foreign dishes, Rice with Terriyaki beef (155.000 dong) with pleasantly-flavoured and tender beef, eating with a hot bowl of daily soup and healthy salad, would be a lovely pick. 

More than anything, drinks in Cafe Runam are also presented with a lot of affection and care from the owners and employees here. I could not help falling in love with a sophisticated pot of tea decorated with sugar-coated lotus seed and coconut slices when I first came here. My other favourite drinks here would be Ambarella Juice (90.000 dong) and Chocolate Ice-cream blended milkshake (90.000 dong). I hope that you will have a nice experience here, because the combination of tasteful foods and drinks, graceful designs and lovely helps of waiters and waitresses in Runam have brought me a lot of satisfaction and happiness.