Address: 31 Châu Long Street, Ba Đình District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 6am - 10pm


People love mornings in Hanoi for numerous reasons, having the first sunlight of the day shedded on the window, listening to the birds twittering, or for me, being able to enjoy a hot bowl of phở (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup) to give me a nice start to my day. There are so many phở shop in this kingdom of phở, but the ones with the broth simmering for more than 5 hours with real spices, freshly-cooked chicken or beef and soft yet not squashy are truly scarce gems. 

Ms.Huyền's shop has been in the industry for long, so her pho, no matter whether they are beef pho or chicken pho, triumphs over many other shops in Hanoi. The broth is without dispute, clear and full of spices aroma, because it is simmered for at least 5 hours. The chicken is firm, tender and carefully-chosen for the best bowl of pho. Normally, I order chicken thigh because of the juiciness of that part of meat, but sometimes, the shop might have run out of chicken thigh if I go a bit too late. This shop also has beef pho which I have never tried, and chicken mixed pho with crunchy peanuts garnished on top. This is what I always order in recent years whenever I come here. This time, the owner put a bit too much oil, but otherwise, this bowl of mixed pho would be very yummy in my tummy, especially with the addition of crunchy quẩy (youtiao).