Address: 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 7:00 - 22:30


No matter how many heartland cafes are popping up, traditional cafes like Giảng is always like a magnet, not only to locals but also foreigners visiting Hanoi. Giảng Coffee provides a caffein boost to the working crowd who certainly needs something to get them awake. However, you do not need to be working to have your soul satisfied with the creative drinks here. The best yums, in my opinion, are egg coffee, egg green bean drink and egg rum drink. Sounds strange? Go and enjoy these exotic beverages with the egg whisked carefully until it is as foamy and rich as cloud, to understand limitedness of food creativity. The bitterness of coffee and the creaminess of egg make such a strange but eggcelent combination. The coffee cup is put in a warm bowl of water, so the coffee can be enjoyed while it is still hot and spreading its sexy aroma of coffee. As peculiar as it may sound, the mixture of richness of green bean, and alcoholic and hot taste of rum with whisked egg could not be more appealing. In my opinion, the hot egg chocolate is, on the other hand, a bit too sweet, overshadowing the cocoa taste. 

This place is a nostalgic draw in a small alley in the middle of busy central Hanoi, offering drinks that resemble "tiramisu in a cup" at reasonable prices (nearly 30.000 đồng/cup), as well as free wifi. A small minus point in the view of someone who can be annoyed easily by cigarette smoke like me is that the cafe allows smoking. There is no free parking inside the cafe, so you will have to park outside the alley. It can get pretty full on both floors, so you might find yourself waiting or queuing in a crowded and noisy place, but sometimes it is reasonable for you to sacrifice for those lovely drinks, right?