Wherever I go, I always crave for a feeling of home. Most of the time, I keep comparing a bowl of chicken pho in a famous food stall with the one cooked by my auntie, or medium-done steak at a posh restaurant with the one at home. And most of the time, no matter how much I try to decline it, even foods created by Gordon Ramsay could not distinguish with home foods. Home foods should receive Michelin 4 stars, that is a thing I can be sure about. A generous touch of care, and an infinite addition of love from minutes choosing the best ingredients possible and hours spending in the kitchen with sweat pouring, I guess, are things that make home foods so special. 

I have been someone who never minds being a leech to my mom until she me out for a meal outside every other day, but the nearer it comes to days when I cannot eat home-cooked meals so frequently, the more honest I am with my self. Sorry to all the fabulous cooks out there, I need to give my grade 10 to foods cooked by the people I love. And should it be something I learn from this realization, it would be that now, whatever I do, do it with love! 

I hope to cook you an enjoyable meal and let me feel my love for foods, but if I am not able to do that, cook yourself something you could be proud of and let your heart immersed with self-amour. For me, I am lucky enough to just have eaten a big bowl of beef pho that I shall never forget, simply because I can feel the pieces of affection and devotion in every beef slice I eat, and every spoonful of broth I drink.