Address: 31 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA, UK

Opening hour: Sunday - Wednesday: 8am - 10pm, Thursday - Saturday: 8am - 11pm

Telephone: 020 7226 5454


I am not a morning person, so I either grab anything that I see on the table for a breakfast-on-the-go or treat myself a very decent meal in the morning. Stepping out of my bedroom in the morning takes me much courage, so having breakfast in a place as cozy as home holds much attraction, such as one that I just had in The Breakfast Club (TBC) the other day. TBC is not a new name in the field, with specialties like Pancake with Bacon and Maple Syrup, and Eggs Benedict being the subject of talks among my foodie friends from time to time.

The Breakfast Club has the winning formula: unpretentious and homey atmosphere, brilliant American comfort foods as well as welcoming service. One could not help being wakened up by the loveliness of TBC in every corner of it. As many people might do, we, a group of four, ordered Eggs Royale, the All American, Breakfast Burrito, and Pancake with Bacon and Maple Syrup, each averagely cost about 9-10 pounds. I am not the biggest fan of Eggs Royale here, since my heart has belonged to the one and only in Number Four in Shrewsbury. Its Hollandaise sauce was a bit too tangy and not rich enough for me.

However, it is the feast of the remaining dishes and a jumbo cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow that completely took my heart away. Not many things in lives are as satisfying as digging yourself into a combination that you have never thought it would be possible: bacon and maple syrup – the two grandest representations of the opposition of saltiness and sweetness. My cousin did not get used to this idea even after tasting it, but I found it totally worth a try, especially for someone who likes to take on a culinary venture. It is odd at the first bite, but the saltiness of the bacon is masked by the sweetness of maple syrup. Also strangely indeed, the bacon here is totally the opposite to what I always hate about bacon which are salty, hard and burnt. Also, unlike the normal sausage you may have in England, the sausage in the All American dish was not floury and I can even finish the whole sausage in one go without any difficulty.

If I could say which factor makes diners everywhere flock to TBC, it must be the creative design and interior which brings a comfortable and home-like feeling to anyone who steps in. A breakfast in TBC is more than enough to keep you from the blues of Monday morning.