Address: 96A Tuệ Tĩnh Street, Hai Ba Trưng District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 8am - 10:30pm


Hue foods have stolen my heart away when I first came to this city about a decade ago, so I found it so difficult to find a good Hue restaurant or food shop in Hanoi. After trying quite a few, I finally managed to discover one shop that is quite close to my imagination of appetizing Hue foods. Although Hue foods here are not 100% authentic, I feel that I can eat all bánh nậm (flat rice flour dumpling, wrapped in a banana leaf, and topped with minced shrimp and bánh bèo (small steamed rice cake, also topped with minced shrimp) on the table and not leave even one piece to my friends. Also, the bún bò Huế (rice vermicelli with beef) is clearer than the normal one, but it is still desirably spicy, sweet and sour. The bowl is also quite big with a lot of components, such as beef slices, ham hock, and blood cube. All the foods here are priced reasonably, at about 30,000 to 50,000 dong each dish. The shop is although small but has about four floors, and is very popular, especially during lunch; staff is also very attentive.