Address: 8 Chân Cầm Street (using the stair on the left), Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Telephone: 090 3342 000


Okay, I admit love at the first sight does happen. I mean, maybe with a person, but it could be real-er when it comes to me and cafes. It is of no reasons, but they are signals that come with it apparently. 

1. I wish that I do not have to be a cafe-hopper to try all new cafes and just be faithful with my only love all day all night

2. I am so curious and take photos of every corner possible that I think I can be Dora the Explorer. Luckily, I do not bombard my friends with Snapchat only Facebook and Instagram

3. New posts on Phoholic the next day! I am not really into writing at night when I have to sacrifice my sleep though. 

However, readers will not be happy when I provide no reasons to come to one of my recent love - Loading T, so here is me creating something sensible:

  1. Their mango tea - 35.000 dong is a must try. Their drinks and sweet treats' prices are friendly to students, and do not create a big hole to my wallet. 

  2. It is a secret hideaway in Hanoi with its lovely charms. It is ancient but also artistic in every corner. Also, not many people realize this place when strolling on the busy Chân Cầm Street, so it remains a quiet and peaceful love for people to relax after a long walk. Nice little chit chat, a book to read, or an assignment to finish before the deadline, you now know where to go to. 

  3. It is rare to find a cafe in Hanoi with a spirit. Loading T has that family-feeling that people staying more than half a day far from home seek for. Children of the cafe-owners running around and playing kid games that I wish I could play with them, the owner's friendly reminder to walk carefully when there is construction near the stairs, and every little care to the place that makes customers feel at home. 

So if all these three points tick the list for your "love" cafe, be sure to head out to Loading T in no minutes.