Address: the intersection of Hàng Trống and Hàng Bông Streets, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Opening hour: 4:30pm - about 7:00pm (when they run out of pho)


It might sound strange but many people in Hanoi like to be tortured when it comes to eating, take the case of the pho shop on Hang Trong street for example. Unlike many typical pho shops, this shop is more like a street vendor rather than a shop, where people have to sit on plastic stalls and carry a hot bowl of pho on their hands. My tip is using a few layers of tissue so that your hands would not directly touch the bowl. It gets crowded quite quickly, so my another tip is to come early as possible, about 4:30pm, but diners eat fairly fast (they might finish a bowl after 5 minutes) and the service is rapid so you do not have to worry about waiting. The broth is crystal clear and full of flavors of pho (if you do not know what include in pho broth, they are: ox tail normally, star anise, ginger, tsaoko fruit, onion, and cinnamon which make pho so special). They only serve cooked beef here (as you can see from the first photo), but not too much special. The youtiao at the time I ate was not so crunchy, but it was only my unlucky experience. Each bowl costs about 25,000 dong, very cheap at the centre of Hanoi, and a youtiao dish of four is 5000 dong.