Address: 36 Hàng Da Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 7am - 10pm


Never have I ever seen a food shop more crowded than the beef pho shop on Hàng Da Street in Hanoi, with motorbikes filled the pavement in front of it as well as the neighboring shop, and dozens of customers waiting for a boiling hot bowl of beef pho inside. I went to this shop at about 9 am on Saturday, and despite its size, there were barely any spare seats left, not to say the owner and staff even recommended us to go to another shop to have breakfast. Beef slices were thin, tender and had the wanted smell of the beef, and the beef plate was a "crispy" and fatty. The broth was clear, but I would prefer it with a teaspoon of fish sauce to bring out all the flavor and taste of the broth. Also, the youtiao was really crunchy; I can feel it just by hearing my mom eat it. Each bowl of plate beef and well-done beef slices is 45,000 dong, and 4 pieces of youtiao cost 5,000 dong. Phoholic would suggest you to go here at around 8am so that you would not have to waste 15 minutes waiting like us. If anybody have tried other beef pho types in this shop, be sure to give Phoholic your opinions!