Address: Goethe Institut, 56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening time: 9am-7pm, from Saturday 14/08/2015 to Monday 30/08/2015


A successful exhibition is, in my belief, one that makes its viewers think, question and can't help be reminded days after it. Even when you are showering, eating, transporting to work, something of the exhibition is like a ghost following you around. I walked into 8m2 after having a meal in Cafe Goethe, and was absolutely blank about what to expect when I officially walked in the exhibition. Living in a luckier circumstance than many, I myself have not spent any years sharing a 8m2 area with others, maybe 4 or maybe 8 people under a roof for a long period of time. So I tried to step in, despite the fact that I wish there had been somebody there, or more simply, some real life stories so that we can understand how it was like in 8m2, not only through our lens but also that of people who have experienced it. 

It was definitely not a suffocating feeling, but a peaceful one, even more comfortable than a space bigger than this, so I encourage you to come to Goethe Institut before the exhibition ends, to understand visually and aurally life in a 8m2 space. For me, it is worth the try, since now I can still remember the vivid model that does not look like model at all, and the evocative sounds of fan swing and "yellow" songs. And for the last words, I hope this exhibition awakens some thoughts and emotions in you!