Address: 25 Lò Đúc, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hanoi, Vietnam


No matter how I am obsessed with traveling sometimes, my love for traditional Vietnamese foods has never been a demise. This summer, I tried some time-honored foods of Hanoi that I thought I would not like it, such as bánh khúc (glutinous rice wrapping pork fat and green bean paste), and something I would like to share with you guys, snail rail noodle soup. It is cooked in sour soup base with tomato, and snail, yes, snail, if you are not frightened of eating this animal. I think there would not be anything better than this bowl of sour rice noodle soup, especially in this type of weather that nobody can think well of. The snails are crunchy, from time to time a bit sandy. I myself prefer the smaller ones because my aching teeth cannot put up with the hard big snails. Furthermore, you can also ask for fried tofu and pork sausage (its highlight is the addition of pig ear to add more crunch). Try it and see whether you like this hidden gem of Hanoi cuisine!