Address: 2D Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 10 am - 2am

Telephone: 096 5511 5 58


Everybody feels intimidated from time to time when someone invites them to a Japanese restaurant, because I am sure your wallet will not be the same after you walk out the door. However, I have recently found one serving delectable signature foods of the "Land of the Rising Sun" without costing you a fortune. Many dishes are in small servings, so whether you go alone, as a couple, or with more people, you can find your fit. After two times here, the foods that attract me the most with both its looks and taste are Seaweed Salad served with Crab roe (90,000 dong) - crunchy and fresh, US Beef Bacon Hot pot - tender beef slices and nice broth with a lot of vegetables and mushroom  and Plate of 5-type Sashimi (including Salmon, Octopus, Surf Clam, Herring and Tuna; 350,000 dong) - my sister recommended this. Apparently, it could not have the perfect taste of those in all high-class Japanese restaurants, but I think its quality surpasses the price. The restaurant is in a modern style in which you have lunch or dinner in a big room with other customers, rather than having your private room like you sometimes see in a old-styled Japanese restaurant. Another factor that makes me unable to not compliment it is the opening hour until 2am, so that young souls can have their belly fulfilled after a night out. It is hard to say the average price, but I think you are good to go when bringing 200.000 dong to this restaurant, if you order a bowl of rice and maybe salad.