Address: 7 Hàng Bạc Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 9am - 10:30pm


Ice-cream is well-loved in every season, especially summer when the coolness of ice cream can be the best pain-killer to the blazing heat of Hanoi. Situated in one of the best corner in the Old Quarter, Ooh La La is the latest player in the filed of liquid nitrogen ice cream in Hanoi. Overall, I think Ooh La La is now in a better position than other liquid nitrogen ice cream shops in town. Its texture is much smoother, and does not have any ice crystal. Moreover, watching how ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen is quite exciting for someone who has never experienced it before. Basically, different from the normal ice cream made with ice cream machine then put in the freezer, this type of ice cream can be made using a type of chemical named liquid nitrogen to help it freeze in a couple of minutes. Some other positive points in Ooh La La is friendly service as well as big shop area of an about 5-storey house. My cousin and I ordered a medium cup of Oreo ice cream (size S, M and L respectively cost 49,000 dong, 64,000 dong and 79,000 dong) with three big scoops. It is a bit sweet and creamy compared to my taste, and I would love oreo biscuit not to be beaten into sand-size. However, generally, it is a good attempt of the owner with ice cream, and I hope to try other flavors in my next time here, especially sea salt flavor.