Address: 13 Hàng Khay Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 6:30am - 10:30pm


Numerous people and I have never missed a single episode of Master Chef Vietnam for years, and I suppose many are so thrilled at the fact that they could be customers in the banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) shop of Master Chef Vietnam season 2's winner Minh Nhật. The price for a loaf of banh mi is indisputably more expensive than the ones you may normally find on the street; they are at the same price of 32,000 dong. There are four distinct choices: Vietnamese sausage, charsiu pork, jambon, pork roll, mayo, and artisanal pate; Omelette and smoked sausage; Spicy shrimp sate and good pork; and Grilled Chicken, all served with freshed herbs. My choice of Vietnamese sausage, pork roll, and pate brought me instant gratification because the baguette was neither chewy that I had difficulty in eating it, nor too crispy, and the pate was smooth and had perfect seasoning. However, if I have to compare banh mi here with Banh-mee's, I would prefer the latter one because of its crunchy and sour marinated carrot and cucumber. 

Moreover, maybe more are expected from banh mi of the Master Chef winner, as people could easily find a similar banh mi elsewhere. Nonetheless, in my opinion, a fresh and hygienic loaf of banh mi here with some beverage options in a small high street shop with small plastic chairs would be more than enough to enliven somebody's day.