Address: 146 Quán Thánh Street, Ba Đình District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 6am - 11am


Bánh bao (Steamed bun) has been an indispensible part of many people's childhood. Unlike the normal steamed bun in Hanoi that has the filling of minced pork, wood ear, glass noodle and quail egg and round shape, the steamed bun on Quan Thanh Street does not contain quail egg or chicken egg, and is in a funny shape like a rectangular. However, every time holding in my hands the steaming hot bun with a mouth-watering aroma of flour and milk, I almost forget that this steamed bun does not have my favorite quail egg inside. The soft bun, together with lovely mixture of minced pork and glass noodle with a desirably heavy touch of black pepper will sure make you revel in the harmony of all components. Each bun is 13,000 dong, so you get a healthy and nutritious breakfast, not to say that this shop also offers soy milk and vegetarian steamed bun at reasonable prices. 

And so, after toiling effort of queuing, I am prepping myself for more sweeping moments of satisfaction and exuberance.