Address: 344 Huế Street, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hour: 9am - 12am

Telephone: 096 6634 038


Although I have been to Singapore for a fair number of times, I have never tried their signature dish - frog porridge, believe it or not. However, last week, I tried this dish in a shop named Sentosa. Despite the fact that it is not exactly the same as the original ones in Singapore as some commented, its flavour is actually very suitable to Vietnamese palate, in my opinion. The shop is clean, and the staff is also very nice indeed. I am not so sure about its expected taste, but I love the spiciness and well-seasoning of the frog as well as its tenderness of the meat itself. Because the frog is flavoured abundantly, the porridge is very mild in taste, so I need to add in a great deal of pepper and frog sauce. I ordered pandan-flavoured porridge with Singapore-styled frog, but you can also choose other flavours of porridge and frog, which are onion, and cinnamon; and sate (sacha sauce, which is quite spicy) and lemongrass respectively. Also, the reasonable price of 40,000 dong/portion/1 frog or 70,000 dong/portion/2 frogs, and 4,000 dong for a dish of quẩy (youtiao), as well as delivery service makes the foods here even more attractive